Cargo & Ladder Racks for Promaster City

  • $656.63

Van cargo racks help people solve a big problem: how to transport more materials with the same vehicle. Almost every tradesman feels the same way at one point or another, their service vehicle or cargo van is never big enough. There’s never enough room for all the tools, equipment, and inventory that must be hauled around from job site to job site and they’re looking for a better way.

Our van cargo racks:

  • Have a unique aerodynamic design that helps them reduce wind noise and buffeting so you can enjoy a quieter ride.
  • Use military grade heavy-duty aluminum that helps save weight while being strong and rugged. Have one of the largest carrying capacities (600lbs) available.
  • Are painted with a special corrosion resistant paint and use stainless steel mounting hardware to ensure they’re durable through all kinds of weather or climates.

Van ladder racks help tradesmen overcome some big challenges to their day to day operations. A well designed rack can offer many advantages to the tradesman beyond just loading and transporting a ladder.

In order to choose the best rack for your needs, it’s best to ask yourself a few questions.

    • What do you need to transport on a daily basis?
    • Do you need to carry a stepladder?
    • Do you need to transport one or two different size extension ladders?
    • Do you need to have materials like conduit or tubing stored on the rack as well?

    Standard Single or Double – designed to carry one or two ladders extension ladders up to 28’

    Combination – have more versatility to carry both a stepladder and an extension ladder